Doors And Some Interesting Facts

05 Jun 18

Doors are seen all around us. Anything be it a building, house, rooms or vehicles without doors they are all incomplete. A door is a mechanism used to stop and allow entrance to or within an enclosed space. Doors usually comprise of one or two solid panels, with or without windows that swing using hinges horizontally. These hinges are attached to the doors edge but there are doors that slide, fold or spin. The key purpose of a door is to control physical access.
 Doors are important in stopping the spread of fire and as anobstacle to noise. Most of the doors are furnished with locking mechanisms so as to permit entry of certain people. Doors have an artistic purpose in forming an imprint of what lies beyond; for instance, keeping organizational and workshop areas of a building separate. In certainsituations, doors may also be seen as a symbol of the desire for privacy.
 Doors are mostly related to ritualistic purposes. For instance, having granted access to a door, that includes guarding or getting the keys to that door, may have great importance. Likewise, doors and doorways more often found in literature and the arts in metaphorical or allegorical context, often as a sign of change. Mostly the interior part of a door matches its exterior part but, in certain other cases there a sharp differences between the two sides like in the case of a vehicle door.
 Types of doors
 There are three basic types of doors found around us.
 1. Solid doors: Older houses typically have solid doors hung in frames which constructed on site.
 2. Solid-core doors: Doors in newer houses and replacement-door units are more expected to be of the solid-core variety, that means they may be constructed of coating over an insulating core of some sort and were factory made as a coordinated set.
 3. Hollow-core doors are the least strong, for obvious reasons, and can be easily punctured or damaged by moisture.
 You may have quite a few different types of doors, each one are different and unique and will need different types of maintenance and repair. Other than in decorative point of view doors differ in whether they are made for exterior or interior use, and whether they have provisions for retarding the spread of fire.
 Exterior Doors:
   All exterior doors should be constructed of materials and adhesives that can survive weather.
   They must be strong and thick enough to offer a good measure of security when they are set with an exterior-grade lock.
   Many have definite features built into them that also give them a high R-rating. Currently, they are just as likely to be made of steel or fiberglass as of wood.
 Interior doors:
   Interior doors are more likely to be 3.5 centimeters thick and be made of wood.
   Be sure to keep in mind location of the door along with the other factors while replacing any door.
   A flush door has a smooth surface on each side over a solid core (wood or particleboard) or a hollow core (cardboard reinforcing), making it the less expensive option typically.
   A panel door is made of interlocking panels, often solid pine or oak.
 Interesting facts about doors
 Doors a very common thing can be very interesting and can have a variety of stories to tell. Doors appear in all sizes and colors these days and can also be made from different materials. However, have you ever wondered which the biggest door in the world is? and what is its purpose? Or when was revolving door invented? The answer to these questions and many more you will find in the following facts about doors.
 Revolving doors have been with us more than 100 years. It was invented in the year 1888 by van Kannel, an inventor from Philadelphia. These days, revolving doors can be found everywhere, mainly in shopping complexes and commercial buildings. They are not allowed to move too fast as it could be dangerous. Experts from New York have given law that states that the revolving doors should rotate at a speed of maximum 15 rotations per minute. It is illegal if you go faster.
 Europe s oldest door might be more than 5,100 years old. The archaeologists from Zurich, Switzerland have recently excavated what is believed to be the oldest door in the Europe. They have dated it and it has an age of around 5,100 years.
 Ireland doors are very colourful and visually striking. They are painted in numerous nuances, shades and colors and they can actually be very eye-catching and attractive. Unfortunately, this happened when the Queen Victoria died. Every house owners from Ireland were advised to paint their doors in black as a symbol of mourning. Instead of that and as a revolt sign, they painted the front entrance doors of their houses in many colors.
 The world s largest doors are located at NASA s Vehicle Assembly Building. It can be found at the Kennedy Space Center and it features huge doors. These doors measure 45 stories tall and they can open or close in about 45 minutes. 45 stories also mean about 460 feet in height, so they are extremely large.
  The idea of a door in olden days consisted of a simple slab of wood with hinges. Nothing more, nothing less. As you can probably imagine, these doors were of very poor quality and they didn t have extra security features or increased durability.
 Nowadays, doors are made from durable materials, they can keep thieves away and they have decorative purposes as well.
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