Rolling Shutter

Doors and Shades is your trusted partner for all your rolling shutter needs in the UAE. Whether you're in search of new installations or require expert rolling shutter repair in Dubai, we have covered, All type of polycarbonate shutters , GI Rolling Shutters,Aluminium rolling shutters,Insulated rolling shutters ,Garage doors available at most competitive price.
 Our rolling shutters are engineered to provide top-notch security and convenience. We offer a wide range of options, from robust industrial rolling shutters to sleek and modern designs suitable for commercial and residential properties across the UAE.
 In the event of damage or malfunction, our skilled technicians are at your service for prompt and reliable rolling shutter repair in Dubai. We understand the importance of maintaining the security of your premises, and we are committed to ensuring your rolling shutters function seamlessly.
 Explore our selection of rolling shutters in UAE, and rest assured that you're investing in durable and high-quality solutions. Contact us today for all your rolling shutter needs, from installation to repair and maintenance.
 Doors & Shade Systems are suppliers & installer of all type of rolling shutters in UAE, Dubai. Doors & shade systems Shutters are an economical method of providing a secure and weather-proof closure to large or small openings. They are suitable for loading bays, factories, warehouses and any applications where security is required and represent a reliable and efficient closure for most applications.

Rolling Shutter varieties we offer includes:

GI rolling shutters
 Aluminium rolling shutters
 Perforated shutters
 Polycarbonate rolling shutters
 Continuous profile rolling shutter
 Single skin rolling shutters
 Window shutters
 Insulated shutters
 Double skin insulated shutters
 Extruded aluminum double skiing rolling shutters
 Warehouse shutters
 Shopping mall shutters
 Shop front shutters
 Automatic rolling shutters
 The Gi rolling shutters are available in 0.8 to 1.2 mm thickens with pitch of 75 mm & 100mm.The GI shutters by doors & shade systems are powder coated to color of choice with wide color options.
 The perforated shutters by doors & shade systems are installed widely in all malls in Dubai. Insulation/security/privacy/safety an essential in today s modern environment.
 Doors & Shade systems has a wide selection of lath profiles which are recommended. Steel, aluminium and stainless are all available in various profile sizes. Thermal value of minimum 0.69w/m.sq.k and 18db available as standard with increasing performance options available, guides incorporate brush seals to seal and minimize operational noise. Window shutters & insulated shutters by doors & shade systems are installed for all villas, residential apartments, warehouses, cold stores, garage doors, the insulated/window shutters are motorized shutters with tubular motor with remote & switch operated options.
 The continuous profile roll up doors by doors & shade systems are extensively installed for warehouses & garages, the doors are made from 0.5mm ppgi coils powder coated to white color, the shutter is motorized & have manual option also.
 The extruded aluminium rolling shutters by doors & shade systems are installed for high end villas, apartments, warehouses which are very strong to withstand high wind speeds ,these shutters have the option of powder coating to any color & motorized options.

Rolling Shutter Repair

Doors & Shade systems has very professional team of technicians to repair all type of rolling shutters. Our technical team is equipped with all type of motors & spares required & ready to solve any sort of trouble shooting for any kind of rolling shutters or roll up doors, high speed doors, sectional doors.
 The GI rolling shutters are custom made according to the size required.These shutters are installed for Warehouses,Garages,Service areas for security purposes.The shutters are made for 75mm/100mm pitch slat with thickness of 0.9mm to 1.2mm depending upon the requirement.Wind locks are provided for bigger shutters for protecion against heacy winds.Required color is powder coated according to taste & requirement.
 Technical Specification of GI roller shutters
 Single Skin GI roller shutter with slat pitch of 75 mm /100mm
 The barrel is made from 5"/6"/8" GI pipe with 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm thickness depending upon the size of shutter to avoid any deflection.The finish of the barrel is epoxy painted to black/Grey color.
 The Curtain is manufactured from GI slat of pitch 75mm/100mm with thickness of 0.9mm to 1.2mm depending upon the size of the shuter.The slats have the option of powder coated to any color.The end slats are fixed with pvc endclips for smooth operation.
 electrically operated with motor by switch & remote control & provided with manual chain in case of power failure/emergency.Photocells,loop detector,magenetic lock,fire alarm are additional optional safety features.
 The guide rails are made from GI Box type & U type & can be powder coated to any color.The end of guide rasils are provided with rubber protection to have smooth & soundless operation.
 Bottom Bar
 The bottom bar is made from GI i T shape with weather seal fixed at bottom to suit unlevel floor surface.

Protecting Property for Generations from Ceiling to Floor!

 Are you on the lookout for some superior quality Rolling Shutters in UAE? We are Doors and Shades Systems and we are the forerunners in this industry. With advanced technology, the Rolling Shutters from our manufacturing units get all the features to ensure thorough safety of your property. Whether you want Rolling Shutters for your warehouse or the factory unit, simply give us the measurement.
 The Best in Rolling Shutters is here
 We have consulting engineers on board to help you make the right choice of GI Rolling Shutters or insulated shutters. From insulated shutters to aluminum to perforated shutters and double skin shutters- our range of products is vast.
 If you are a first-time user, you might wonder on the type of materials to go for and the amount of security it can offer. Let us take you through our catalog and offer you the best solution. After all, as a business dealing in Rolling Shutters Manufacturing UAE based, we have come a long way.
 Besides being the preferred Rolling Shutters Suppliers in Dubai, we also offer installation and repair services for you. Call us or check our website to go through our Rolling Shutters on offer.