Technical Specification of insulated roller shutters
 Double skinned 77mm /55mm/45mm foam filled aluminium roller shutters.
 The Curtain is manufactured from foam-filled aluminium lath profile 77mm high x 19mm thick/55mm high x 13.5mm thick. For applications that require light or vision to pass through the door, non insulated punched and glazed slats can be incorporated into the door curtain for 77mm slat.
 electric operation by internal tubular motor with manual override facility & remote control.
 Extruded aluminium guides with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing. Double brush seals supplied in all guide channels, to eliminate draughts and assist in the smooth operation of the curtain.
 Guiderail dimensions
 90mm wide x 37mm deep (standard) or 75mm wide x 34mm deep (slim)
 75mm wide x 27mm deep (250mm box) or 66mm wide x 27mm deep (205mm box)
 Powder Coated White or Beige finish
 Box sizes:
 According to the height of shutter