Doors & shade systems have wide range of polycarbonate rolling shutters Dubai, which are installed in malls to have clear transparent visibility & security. The polycarbonate shutters are available in sizes of 300mm & 320 mm width & 5 mm thick. The polycarbonate links are interlocked with each other with 16mm dia 3mm thick aluminium tubes, the ends are closed with pvc caps. The doors can be installed for maximum width of 14 mtrs. The shutters bottom is provided with weather seal & can be powder coated to any color. The guide channels are provided with fabric brush for smooth operation & can be powder coated to any desired color. Doors & shade systems supplies extruded aluminium polycarbonate rolling shutters with flat surface polycarbonate slats, the extruded profiles can be powder coated to any color.
 Technical Specification of Polycarbonate roller shutters
 The barrel is made from 5"/6"/8" GI pipe with 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm thickness depending upon the size of shutter to avoid any deflection.The finish of the barrel is epoxy painted to black/Grey color
 The Curtain is manufactured from 300mm x 100mm /320mm x 100mm x5mm thick clear polucarbonate slats interlinked by 16mm dia 2/3mm thick Alluminium tubes & the ends are sealed with plastic end clips.
 electrically operated with motor by switch & remote control & provided with manual chain in case of power failure/emergency.Photocells,loop ,magenetic lock,fire alarm are additional optional safety features.
 The guide rails are made from Alluminium Box type & U type & can be powder coated to any color.The end of guide rails are provided with pvc bruch protection to have smooth & soundless operation.
 Bottom Bar
 The bottom bar is made from Alluminium U shape with weather seal fixed at bottom to suit unlevel floor surface.
 Looking for a safe, secure and stylish way to protect your premises? We got you! Add a stylish touch to your premises with rolling shutters in UAE. Our polycarbonate rolling shutters Dubai are the best-in-class additions to your premises   they not only guard your spaces, but also give them a trendy look.
 Why polycarbonate?
 Polycarbonate is known to be a popular material that is used in to make rolling shutters in UAE. Wondering why? Well, polycarbonate is a thermoplastic   in that, it has all the best qualities that a rolling shutter needs. It is sturdy, strong and durable, and is able to withstand constant weather changes, high heat and even hard attempts to break into shop or industry premises.
 In terms of its composition, our polycarbonate rolling shutters in Dubai have a strength of about 950psi, making it super resilient to any harm. Another reason why polycarbonate rolling shutters are great for your store is that they retract light. In that, these rolling shutters have the unique ability to change the direction of light, enabling shop owners and even manufacturers to use natural lighting to light up their premises. If you are worried about keeping our rolling shutters clean, you would be glad to know that keeping it clean is as easy as it can get. All you would require is some warm water, a mild soap solution and a soft wiping cloth to clean up the rollers. And to clean up the dust from the panels, you only need a clean, dry brush. While our rolling shutters are very durable, in case you face problems and need a quick check, our rolling shutter repair in Dubai is always available at your beck and call.Make the right choice, choose our polycarbonate rolling shutters in Dubai.