PVC Curtains

PVC Curtains UAE

Doors & shade systems are the most wanted of PVC strip curtains supplier in UAE for all warehouses, cold stores, restaurants, offices, schools, pantry units.
  • The PVC curtains are custom made according to the size required
  • The PVC strips are fixed with Stainless Steel Hangers & are interlocked with the stainless steel tracks
  • The curtain is made from 200mm/300mm/1000mm/1200mm width with a thickness of 2mm/3mm
  • Strips of PVC individually hung from stainless steel track for internal or external use
     These curtains are installed in cold stores, warehouses, restaurants, clinics, schools, hospitals, supermarkets e.t.c. These curtains act as a barrier to control the internal temperature, insects, dust e.t.c.

    The Best PVC Strip Curtains Supplier

    Our PVC Strip Curtains exhibit the following features to be the best of its kind
  • Wide varieties such as polar, anti-insect, anti-static, anti-dust & many more.
  • All these pvc strips are installed on stainless steel tracks with stainless steel clips.
  • Tailor made to fit door opening
  • Suitable for pedestrian and motorized traffic
  • Visibility and access in both directions
  • Instant energy savings for a/c
  • Safe, effective and versatile
  • Easy to maintain